15 billion trees are lost each year“ is the title of an ORF report which can be found at the following link: http://orf.at/stories/2345324

Our friend Gerald drew my attention to this information and he and I are particularly concerned about maintaining a healthy environment for our children and for future generations.

One of the reasons for environmental degradation which is frequently quoted is the rising world population and the need to provide food for all these people. I, however, suspect that the wood industry lobby is to blame!

My suggestion:

  • Promote the use of small solar powered stoves for cooking in Africa, as was seen in a recent TV documentary. That way, a great deal of wood could be saved from use as fuel for fires and would help prevent the spread of deserts. The people in the areas where these stoves were trialed were extremely enthusiastic about this simple but effective method. Why is this cost-effective, straightforward alternative not being implemented on a large scale? Who is slowing down the deployment of this cooking alternative?
  • Another TV documentary reported on the massive deforestation in Asia, where the wood was being used for the production of chop sticks! Could one not consider making chop sticks from other materials or changing one’s eating habits? The same goes for the production of matches! Who can come up with alternatives?

My wish:

People who have the financial means and are in positions of power should consider the next generations and actively promote sustainable forestry techniques and re-forestation activities for a healthy living environment! They should also support alternatives!