At Christmas, we did not have any snow, but we did have ice rain. Many tree crowns could not withstand the heavy weight of the ice and broke off. The pale, naked treetops could be seen from afar, but the afflicted trees had already been cleared for the most part.

The next generations will have far fewer forests available to them due to the year-round felling activities in our area and the lack of consequent re-forestation on behalf of the forest owners. Seed trees are the magic word of the day! “We did not undertake complete de-forestation” are the excuses of those who do not wish to re-forest.

Profit: yes – Effort: no!

For environmental reasons there is already a decline in forests around us. Will our children and grandchildren still be able to experience a proper mature forest?

Abgebrochene BaumwipfelAbgebrochene Baumwipfel

TIP: Open your eyes? You cannot purchase an intact nature from the supermarket!