Die Baumpflanzaktion: Mein Baum

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apricot tree

Old Tree Stock

During this past summer, large branches broke off several old fruit trees.

Cherry tree on the side of the path

Apricot tree behind the house with a large hole in the tree crown:

Cherry tree in the field:


Old but living fruit trees, bearing fruit
Pear tree: Hopefully, the tree will survive the coming autumn storms!!alter Obstbaum

Cherry tree: Despite the broken branches, it still bears sweet, ripe fruit!Obstbaum

INFO: Diese alten Obstbäume wurden vor Generationen von unseren Großeltern oder Urgroßeltern gepflanzt. Seit dieser Zeit haben sie viele Früchte getragen und Menschen ernährt. Auch wir wollen den nächsten Generationen durch neue Baumpflanzungen gesunde Obstbäume übergeben!

INFO: These old fruit trees were planted generations ago by our grandparents or our great grandparents. These trees have provided fruit and fed people over the years. By planting new trees, we would also like to pass on to the next generations healthy fruit trees!

Fruit tree planted

Last autumn I planted 2 apple trees in my garden.
Now I visit them every day and whisper to them. They are very healthy.
In spring I will get another walnut tree as a gift.
My further wishes: an apricot tree.
I wish you success in your project!
Best regards

My family and I were discussing which trees we want to plant in our fields in spring. My brother told me that it is important to take the needs of the different types of trees and grounds into account.

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