Recently it was reported on television that in the period between 2000 and 2013 the global deforestation of woods was extremely high. During this time the largest forest loss was registered in the countries Paraguay, Malaysia and Cambodia. In Brazil thousands of trees are felled continuously each year too. The clearing of this primeval forest badly affect our climate. This is very worrying!

The global reforestation, however, is only a vanishingly small portion. Don’t wait until other people or organizations plant trees! Let’s start with ourselves!

Successful reforestation under efforts

Let’s work together that our planet remains habitable for future generations!

Remember: In a few minutes a tree is felled, but it takes many decades for a planted, well maintained tree to grow up.

It upset me over and over again when I hear in the media from people telling that their dried areas were fully forested not so long ago. Other people in turn succeeded after a few years of care and trouble. They manage that in withered grounds small trees grow again. A nice example is Iceland about which also was reported on television.