International Tree Day” took place on 25 April.

Internationaler Baumtag
On the website of the Ministry under the items “Forestry” (“Forst”) and “The Austrian Forest Dialogue” (“Der österreichische Walddialog”) there is interesting information to be found on the current situation of the forests as well as tree species and global projects. The link below takes you directly to the website:

The leading article in the newspaper supplement “Freizeit Kurier” of 12 March 2016 was entitled “Brother Tree” (“Bruder Baum”). The extensive and informative article covered topics such as the important function of trees for the living environment of humans and animals as well as an inventory of the current forests. More interesting information can be obtained from:

Internationaler Baumtag
High up above Vienna in Grinzing am Himmel, a “Tree Circle” (“Baumkreis”) can be found comprising forty trees planted in a circle. The trees symbolize a complete yearly cycle and each has a specific date of birth. Detailed information can be found at:
In addition, you can also visit this extraordinary site.

Internationaler Baumtag
Mein Baum” (“My Tree”) is the title of a song by Udo Jürgens which he dedicated to his father and you can find it and listen to it on YouTube.

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