My preferred Environmental and Forest Protection Organisations:

I have selected the following organisations from among the many interesting, committed, national, international and global environmental protection agencies which devote themselves to forest protection. I receive from them regular newsletters via e-mail.

  • Plant-for-the-planet: This is an international tree project aimed at world-wide re-forestation. Information on the current projects can be obtained from: You can support the global children’s project by purchasing books and various items from the shop.
  • WWF: The World Wide Fund for Nature undertakes global efforts for nature conservation and therefore also for forest protection. Information on all projects as well as opportunities to contribute and participate can be found at:
  • CIPRA: Life for the Alps: This is an Association aimed at ensuring the quality of life in the Alps with particular emphasis on forest protection. Information on the many activities of this Association can be found at:
  • Naturschutzbund: The Austrian Nature Protection Federation (Naturschutzbund) has its headquarters in Salzburg and sees itself as nature’s advocate. The Federation supports the concerns of people wanting to protect the forests. You can find more information about the many projects of the Federation and also support them at:
  • Friedrichs Gartenjahr: Passionate gardeners can find many practical tips and information at:

My wish:

  • International networking of all nature, environmental and forest protection organizations!
  • Continuous information on planned and completed projects and activities!
  • Cross-cutting assistance among all the global organizations and associations!
  • Links to aid selection for active supporters!