My parents and grandparents thought about me and made sure to leave behind a healthy environment. In this statement I want to thank them. These pictures show a healthy forest, fresh air to breathe and clean water to drink.


Autumn in my garden

I want to make a contribution for the future generation too. So I want to invite you all to take part in my new project. The following pictures show a few ideas.

Herbst im Garten

Rare trees and fruits

These rare trees and fruits grow in gardens and beside the roads.
Seltene Bäume

Holiday memories of beautiful landscapes

Beautiful healthy nature invites to stay. These holiday pictures show that the people in this region care about our environment. Their children and grandchildren will thank them in the future.
Wunderschöne Landschaft

These landscapes will

  • attract future tourists
  • be a source of income
  • be a place to work
  • etc.

Examples for bad maintenance

It’s sad, but there are areas, we should not try to imitate. Many people exploit the nature. They cut down many trees, but forget to reforest. Heavy machines which are used to cut down and transport the trees leave their marks in the wood and the ground suffers for a long time.
Keine Aufforstung nach Schlägerung

The pictures above show that even at the forest areas, where trees have been cut down, new plants and little trees grow. But truly, plant reforestation and intentional landscaping look different to me.

Life trees

A friend of mine told me, he planted life trees for his two children. Unfortunately there is no picture available. Perhaps you have some pictures, showing some special trees, you want to share with other people. I am sure a lot of ideas will bring many new trees for our planet.

My most favourite landscapes

Wanderung in Traumlandschaft

What is your favourite landscape?

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