Gepflegte Obstplantage

Even in the winter there is plenty of work to do for the farmers and gardeners. Tree stocks are maintained, fruit plantations are cut and forests are felled.

BaumstämmeGesunde Holzstämme

Recently a timber transporter has drawn my attention to a felling. However, the felled trunks just reminded me of the healthy forest which I have seen standing right in front of me and which has pleased me one week ago. My husband reassured me and said that a timber has to be felled. Right.

Unfortunately, today most forest owners in my area don’t think about a specific reforestation with local trees. On the cleared areas they either leave “seminal trees” or generally wait for “what just comes up“!


We still can enjoy a healthy nature and nice forest landscapes because our grandparents and parents didn’t spare the effort of reforestation. Will the children and grandchildren of our generation once blame us, because they don’t get inherited a healthy forest? I fear that in a hundred years – as long as a healthy forest needs to grow – our landscape is desolate.

Many people share this opinion! Especially in nature magazines I often find articles with similar fears for our environment and photos of cleared and devastated forest landscapes.