I found out from the TV Teletext that a study of the environmental organization of the WWF warns of forest eradication! In the next 15 years, 170 million hectares of forests could disappear!

The greatest losses will be experienced in the tropics!
The areas particularly affected are: Borneo, the Mekong region as well as the Amazon area.
Amazonia could even lose a third of its forested area!

Main Reasons Possible Effects
Agricultural activities Drought
Livestock farming Water shortage
Road and power station construction Climate change

Who needs these drastic changes? Who can then afford to buy the products?

Trend reversal:

  • A trend reversal would be forced!
  • A purchase boycott of products produced on these cleared forest areas!
  • Maintain the natural treasures and green lungs of our Earth!
  • Assistance to the people in these regions!
  • Purchase of their naturally produced products!