California – water is more costly than gold during the drought.
Water deliveries are necessary and the groundwater table is sinking ever lower.
People and agriculture have to change their habits.
Target: No more water wastage; move to less water intensive crops and plants.

EXPO in Milan – 1 May to 31 October 2015
World exhibition with emphasis on nutrition and quality of life of the people on earth
“Forest for all Senses” (“Wald mit allen Sinnen”) – Austrian contribution

Bees – Focus for 2015
Joint initiatives of the ORF, environmental and nature protection organizations
More information can be obtained from the following addresses:

VielfaltLEBEN” – Biodiversity Week, 16 May to 25 May 2015
Various activities will be held throughout the country drawing attention to the diversity of plants and animals in our environment.

There are many offerings in each province.
Check to see where and when activities are taking place in your area!

Theme Day: “Tree” – various media providing details on relevant themes!

Successful sensitization!
Various media provide information about our environment and take part in activities!
My family, friends and acquaintances observe the state of nature and also follow the public relations activities of the various media! They let me know about planting initiatives, rare natural events and also severe environmental damage!
Thank you to all for taking part!