From a seedling to a tree

From a seedling to a tree

Where to plant a tree?

  • In the courtyard
  • In the garden
  • In the meadow
  • In the field
  • In the open countryside
  • In the town
  • In the community
  • On brownfield sites
  • Alongside streets
  • Be imaginative!

Assuring and improving air quality: How?

Trees are our green lung. Trees produce oxygen. Without trees, we would not have any oxygen to breathe.
Let’s develop our environment! Everyone can take part! Why don’t you also plant a tree?

Helping ourselves: Do we dare to be proactive?

Our water resources are also of concern. We increasingly see dried-out river beds and runnels where before, there were running rivers and streams.

Please, why don’t you also take part!

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