Why a planting campaign?Participate: Planting Campaign

The coming period of time can be used by us all for us all. Projects developed by socially-minded people can be viewed as constituting an example. These pioneers have identified deforestation is a major cause of climate change and have launched large-scale, major reforestation programmes which have already had positive effects on the earth’s climate.

In your own living space

Ordinary citizens will welcome this initiative. We can all make a significant contribution. Let’s start with improving the climate in our own living space – even we can help improve our environment.

What can we do?

We can plant trees and shrubs in our own fields or gardens. Let’s donate seedlings to people who wish to grow something on a small piece of land. Let’s assist in facilitating planting campaigns in our neighbourhoods. We can volunteer to assist in any campaigns aimed at creating more green areas. We should actively take part in the re-greening of our Earth and not just praise the exemplary actions of school children and their teachers.

I want to participate in the Tree Planting Campaign!