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Trees Instead of Holidays

My young nephew and his girlfriend were immediately delighted when I requested them to translate the text for my homepage. In between their university studies and holiday jobs, they translated my texts into English and were happy that in this way, they were also able to contribute to a healthy environment.
Thank you for participating and contributing!

For you!

“For you”, these were the words my nephew used when he gave me a USB stick with lovely photos of nature made by him and his friends while on holiday. I was overwhelmed to see that he was also so concerned about a healthy natural environment.

He would like to make his contribution through the publication of his photos on my homepage, and to draw the attention of people to the value of maintaining a healthy environment and encourage them to also get involved.





Hopefully, many nature lovers will be able to enjoy his well over a thousand pictures of the Canadian forests.

Thank you! You can also contribute and participate in this way!

Natural Forest

My brother is allowing the cleared forest to regenerate by natural means. He believes that the young saplings which grow back of their own accord are more resilient and more likely to survive. He frequently checks on the natural re-growth. During his last control check, I could satisfy myself that many diverse and fresh young plants were appearing. May they grow into a healthy forest!

Thank you for your faith in Nature!

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