Die Baumpflanzaktion: Mein Baum

Pflanze einen Baum

I want to participate!

You’d like to take part? What can you do? It’s easy:

1) Spread the word!

Make use of your networks to inform family, friends and acquaintances of this planting campaign!

2) Tell us where YOU planted your tree!

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3) Here, you can read about the experiences of others who have already taken part in the campaign

  • Trees Instead of Holidays My young nephew and his girlfriend were immediately delighted when I requested them to translate the text for my homepage. In between their university studies and holiday jobs, they translated my texts into English and were happy that in this way, they were also able to contribute to a healthy environment. Thank you for participating and contributing!... read more →
  • For you! “For you”, these were the words my nephew used when he gave me a USB stick with lovely photos of nature made by him and his friends while on holiday. I was overwhelmed to see that he was also so concerned about a healthy natural environment. He would like to make his contribution through the publication of his photos on my... read more →
  • Natural Forest My brother is allowing the cleared forest to regenerate by natural means. He believes that the young saplings which grow back of their own accord are more resilient and more likely to survive. He frequently checks on the natural re-growth. During his last control check, I could satisfy myself that many diverse and fresh young plants were appearing. May they... read more →
  • Planting a Young Forest Another nephew immediately undertakes re-forestation after the felling of a mature forest. With the help of his parents he planted one thousand five hundred forest trees in the autumn. He wants to have a mixed forest again, so he planted oak, larch and fir tree seedlings. He frequently checks on the growth of his trees and any eventual damage caused... read more →
  • Re-forestation A dear friend and acquaintance of mine had a lot of storm damage and completely cleared his forest and subsequently re-forested it. He used seedlings bought from the neighbouring tree nursery: 200 saplings comprising 50 each copper beeches, maple trees, birch trees and cherry trees. My friend not only wants to contribute to maintaining a healthy environment, he also wants his... read more →
  • Grafting of trees My brother in law has already grafted about 70 fruit trees. For this purpose he takes a certain variety of fast-growing trees, on which he grafted the desired fruits. During grafting – grafting process: Grafted young fruit trees: As soon as the grafted saplings reach a certain size my brother in law plants the young grafted fruit trees on his land. After about... read more →
  • Lifetree Our friend Hans planted a chestnut tree as a gift for his granddaughter Theresa. He believes that everyone should have a Lifetree. The following pictures show a young healthy tree, which belongs to Theresa. ... read more →
  • Spring 2014 – First planting of a tree A nice friend of ours held his promise and sent us a picture planting his first tree in March. I am sure that his tree will bear a lot of fruits soon. Besides, on hot days in summer it is able to spend shadow and fresh air. Thanks a lot for participating!... read more →
  • Fourteen planted trees Together with my husband and two friends we planted 10 fruit trees. A friend gave us advice to buy old regional fruit trees. Later he transported them to our field in his trailer. Another friend gave us some good advice how to plant the trees in the right way. He further helped us planting it. We planted eight trees in one and... read more →
  • Balcony planting Message from a friend: Congratulations on your great idea. I tip my hat for your commitment. An easy way to plant a tree for everybody who doesn’t own a garden or a field is to plant it in a pot on the balcony. I will try it and then I will send you a picture. Good Luck Christine This is a great idea for... read more →