Junger Baumsetzling

Together with my husband and two friends we planted 10 fruit trees.

A friend gave us advice to buy old regional fruit trees. Later he transported them to our field in his trailer. Another friend gave us some good advice how to plant the trees in the right way. He further helped us planting it.

We planted eight trees in one and two trees in another field.

There are four apple trees, each two pear and plum trees, one apricot and one peach tree.

After the planting we were exhausted and full of joy, because we did something useful for our environment.

Junge Obstbäumchen
A few family members already came to see the recently planted trees and gave some useful advice on how to maintain them. My brother followed my example and planted four fruit trees and two sisters of mine already harvested their first fruits.

Tip by a friend: Pay attention to special offers in tree nurseries and market gardens. Especially in spring you can buy young trees at special prices.