Die Baumpflanzaktion: Mein Baum

Pflanze einen Baum

tree planting

Spring action

Not only in autumn, but also in spring it’s a good time to plant a tree. Nurseries, garden centers and various markets continually offer affordable tree plants. However, now – in the winter, you have to consider WHERE you would like to plant WHICH tree or WHOM you can help with the planting.

Hopefully I can report in the spring about many plantations and reforestations. Of course, it’s definitely an effort, but it’s worth for the environment, for us and our children.

Illustrative example of global tree setting action by children

Since 2007 the international children’s projectPlant-for-the-Planet” encourages people to plant trees all over the world. These children and young people have set themselves the goal of planting a certain number of trees by 2020. They have also set up a counter, where each new tree can be registered.

Everybody who wants to take part in the program can contact the following address:
Let’s support projects which try to save our world from deforestation!

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